Energy Audits - Industrial:
Detailed Energy Audits for Manufacturing Plant (e.g. Paper Pulping and Manufacturing Industry) of
all fuel types - electricity, natural gas, including water balance,
load survey,
tariff analysis,
tariff options (for existing and reduced electricity usage),
power factor correction,
demand management,
steam system analysis,
on-site measurements of steam conditions,
boiler combustion efficiency,
condensate recovery,
boiler firing and system operation/optimisation and management,
co-generation options (using present or alternative fuel types),
steam pressure letdown,
self generation options,
fuel substitution options,
purchase of sub-transmission assets option,
specific projects relating to processes -,
e.g. vacuum pumps operation (from internal power generation?),
heat balance through plant,
examination of motor sizing, operation and control,
on-site motor load measurements,
waste heat recovery options,
site water balance,
compressed air systems - analysis and operation,
waste handling systems operation,
cost reduction projects within these topics including
computerised control system,
load management,
lighting controls,
motor sizing,
drive systems,
steam system alterations,
fuel substitution (e.g. LPG to CNG, petrol to CNG/LPG).

Final report including summary and cost benefit analysis of projects to reduce energy costs, graphical presentation of historical energy consumption patterns and detailed recommendations on achievable consumption levels and management of energy use.

Other similar energy audits and energy programmes for many organisations and firms including:
Kosciusko Thredbo Pty Limited, Thredbo, NSW;
Alliance Packaging, Revesby, NSW;
James N Kirby Pty Limited, Milperra, NSW;
Australian Newsprint Mills Limited, Albury, NSW;
Uncle Bens, Bathurst, NSW,
James Hardie Industries Limited,
Overall Forge Pty Limited,
Australian Cooperative Foods Limited,
Comsteel ANI Limited
Clinical Waste Australia Pty Limited.

Other industries audited include:
food processing,
white goods manufacturing,
steel forging and manufacture,
paper manufacturing,
cardboard box plants,
general light manufacturing,
fibre cement.

Also see Energy Savings Action Plans

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