We are a professional services consulting firm offering our services across Australia and around the world.
We are dedicated in providing our broad range of expertise and have experience working in South East Asia, the UK and North America.

We invite you to browse our web site for the services you may need, and we look forward to working with you.

Denis Cooke & Associates Pty. Limited commenced business in 1983. The firm is a member of Consult Australia and offers a wide range of consulting services.  Our expertise is in:
Energy Management,
Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment (EEO),
Energy Savings Action Plans,
Energy and Greenhouse Reporting,
Greenhouse Challenge Plus,
Greenhouse Friendly,
Greenhouse Gas Assessments,
Greenhouse Gas and Energy Monitoring Plans,
National Carbon Offset Standard,
Carbon Accounting / Carbon Footprint,
National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER),
Engineering, and

We offer originality in approach and problem solving skills to find the best solution for your needs. Through being flexible and responsive to your needs, we are committed to achieving the best result for you the client.

The common themes which link the services we provide are efficiency and cost improvement.

We have shown consistently that a committed approach by a business to energy and greenhouse programmes will lead to lower costs, improved competitiveness and an improved working environment.

As a proud member of Consult Australia, we pride ourselves in offering impartial and independent professional consulting advice and are free from any connection, financial or otherwise, with any equipment supplier, installer or vendor.

Our experience has provided us with valuable contacts.  Where required we will draw on those additional professional resources so that the right mix of skills is available for the project.

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